Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cowboys and Aliens UK Premiere

Harrison Ford
Daniel Craig

Premiere Scene’s Claire and Anthony Bueno found it hard to come down to planet earth after their close encounter with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford at the UK Premiere of Cowboys and Aliens. Find out from script writer and producer Roberto Orci  the joy of collaborating with Hollywood heavyweights Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, how Oliver Wilde turned her talents to speaking Apache and how movie icons Daniel Craig and Harrison for approached their roles.

Cowboys and Aliens Review
Photographs and words by Mike Jonas

Jon Favreau
Director Jon Favreau (Iron Man) takes the helm to bring the popular 2006 graphic Novel Cowboys and Aliens to the big screen.

This summer’s blockbuster Western Sci-fi adventure teams together Bond’s Daniel Craig and Star Wars’s Harrison Ford as they battle against an alien nation causing chaos in the old West.

Filled with some of the best special effects you’re likely to see this year and an all star cast. The story tells of two enemies forgetting their differences and with the help of other townsfolk to try to save their friends that have been abducted following a recent attack.

Cowboys and Aliens is a very original story that covers two great genres thus providing you double the entertainment. Fans of either, if not both should be easily pleased, and will hopefully appreciate the amount of effort used to bring the greatness from the graphic illustrations to life.

Olivia Wilde

Favreau has stopped at nothing to bring you the very best Hollywood has to offer, ensuring all the smallest details have been captured from the alien creatures to the mechanical device attached to Craig’s arm throughout most of the film from which the story revolves around.

Already a film being widely talked about since being specially screened at this year’s SDCC last month. This is one likely to give any other film this year a run for its money.

Cowboys and Aliens lands in the UK 19th August

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