Monday, 22 August 2011

Final Destination 5 Review

Just when you thought it was over, Final Destination 5 explodes back on the screens later this month for the fifth instalment of the franchise for more horrifying and gruesome moment’s we’ve grown to love.

Probably one of the best sequels (I thought) to follow since the original released back in 2000, FD5 offers more terrifying ways to die and as a bonus all in unbelievable eye covering 3D (making it into my top 5 of films only to be seen in 3D). If you enjoyed the 3D in the last film, you haven’t seen anything yet and preparing yourself for the worst won’t be enough.

Unlike other 3D films at the moment being shown which are usually converted afterwards, there are bits that have been well placed throughout so you can experience the full effect (the opening credits being a good example)

The film follows the latest group of teens as they battle various attempts made against their lives by “death” after surviving a tragedy this time involving a bridge. As in previous films, the story structure is very similar, once the main tragedy has occurred, you know what’s coming next and predictably in what order if you were paying attention at the start of the film.

However unlike the previous ones, there is a cliff hanger of an ending, a twist so good, you won’t believe it until you’ve watched and seen it for yourself, leaving your jaw hitting the floor in disbelief and shock.

Having been a keen fan of the others, I know this should easily please anyone else who has enjoyed the gore and mayhem. The lengths the studio has gone to to make everything as real as possible can’t be acknowledged in any review, and should only be seen the first chance you get.

Final Destination 5 slashes its way to cinemas nationwide 26th August

Words by Mike Jonas

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