Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Holding

Film4’s FrightFest was the perfect venue for the UK Premiere of The Holding and Premiere Scene’s Claire & Anthony Bueno were only too happy to attend. Join us as we talk to the cast and crew  Director Susan Jacobson, Producers Alex Boden  & George Mizen, Writer James Dormer, Producer/Actor Terry Stone, Actresses Maisie Lloyd and Kierston Wareing  about the pleasure of filming in Derbyshire, being a part of such a strong script and working with such a strong director.

The Holding Review

Susan Jacobson makes her directorial in the suspenseful thriller The Holding.  It’s certainly refreshing and encouraging to see a woman at the helm and what is also encouraging is to see a British Indi film without hoody insight and miles away from the gritty urban jungle.

Instead we see our protagonists, a mother (Kierston Wareing) and her two daughters living in the countryside enduring the daily struggle not to lose their small holding and more importantly their home.

When a stranger Aden played by Vincent Regan appears in an hour of need could he be the angel that’s the answer to their prayers? Or the demon emerging from a lair?

The first scene has great impact and the clever plot keeps the suspense between a potential ghost story or something far more sinister.

Vincent Regan steals the show and this was a perfect script that allowed him to clearly display the versatility of his acting ability.

The Holding is definately worth a watch!

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