Friday, 21 October 2011


Certainly the most impressive film of the festival so far, Premiere Scene attended the premiere of British star Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus. Based on the Shakespeare play of the same name; Fiennes, who had played the role on stage a decade earlier, directed the film himself. Choosing to revise and revisit the material with a cutting-edge crew; including screenwriter John Logan (Any Given Sunday, Rango) and award-winning Hurt Locker DP Barry Ackroyd the film highlights many of Britain's current social-political problems.

Premiere Scene would also like to welcome presenter Nicola Johnstone who covered Tales of the Night by French director Michel Ocelot (Dragons et princesses, Azur & Asmar:The Princes' Quest). Ocelot gave us a gracious insight into his working methods before his animation was screened in 3D.

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