Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Thing 2011

August 1982, following previous success within the horror genre, director John Carpenter has just terrified audiences yet again across America this time with the release of his version of the Sci-Fi horror, The Thing. A film about a group of American scientists camped out and isolated in poor Antarctic conditions battling a deadly shape-shifting alien.

Fast forward nearly 30 years later and it would seem that man is still the warmest place to hide this time under the watchful eye of director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr for the 2011 prequel also entitled, The Thing.

Set days before the events that occurred in the original, van Heijningen Jr focuses on what did happen to the burnt out Norwegian camp loosely referred too, that left us with all those unanswered questions. Scott Pilgrim’s Mary Elizabeth Winstead joins the cast for this fresh approx to the franchise this time helming the flame thrower along with a new group of unsuspecting victims.

Being a keen lover of the Carpenter classic, I found this to be rather pleasing whilst paying tribute and honouring everything that had fans on the edge of their seats or reaching for the nearest pillow. I was equally impressed by the amount of thought that had gone into the writing process of how this film was going to deliver scenes which have become key moments in the story.

With certain elements in place such as the distinctive look of the creature, that awful screeching noise and signature theme tune, there is no reason why this won’t receive the same welcoming to the genre.

The Thing has crash landed and is now showing at cinemas across the UK.

Words by Mike Jonas

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