Friday, 10 February 2012

A Dangerous Method Review

Directed by David Cronenberg (The Fly, Eastern Promises), A Dangerous method is set during early 19th Century Europe, and long before the start of the World War one. The film focuses on the strained friendship between two of Europe’s better known Professors, only to later become bitter rivals in the field of what today is referred to as Psychoanalysis.

Driven by the fascinating methods and theories practiced by Austrian Prof Freud (Lord of the ring’s Viggo Mortensen), Prof Jung (Shame’s Michael Fassbender) unknowingly embarks on a dark journey of his own into the human psyche. This leads to the bizarre sexual attraction and entanglement with mentally disturbed patient Sabina (Pirates of the Caribbean's Keira Knightley) who is dealing with her own demons of hysteria.

Other than the typical great performances you'd except from Fassbender and Mortensen, Keira's portrayal of Sabina with its insightful depth probably has to be the most surprising of the three characters, which i can only recommend that you go and see. This role delivers a side never seen before from the British actress in previous roles, relieving her of any sweetness and innocence we've grown to adore over the years, but proving she still has much more to offer in the future.

The film itself is an interesting period piece you can't help to admire for Cronenberg's vision and attention to detail. Once again his obsession towards discovering the darkness within has proved to be most effective and a intriguing experience that will leave you scratching your head as you leave.

My prognosis is that you visit your local cinema 10th February for its nationwide release and judge the symptoms for yourself.

Words by Mike Jonas

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