Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Falk Hentschel Interview

As the StreetDance 2 3D fiesta thrills audiences Premiere Scene Claire & Anthony Bueno had a chance to talk dance with the film's lovely leading man Falk Hentschel (Knight & Day, CSI).

Bravely battling jet lag Falk shares with us how his background in martial arts lead him eventually to pursue his true passion: Acting. Having worked with the likes of Mariah Carey and Brittany Spears little did he know how his dance experience would set him up for his first leading role as Ash in the highly anticipated sequel to StreetDance 3D.

Put on your dancing shoes on as the stars of StreetDance 2 3D attend the World Premiere of their uplifting film fusing Latin & Hip Hop. Find out from directors Max Giwa & Dania Pasquini; producer James Richardson; actors Falk Hentschel, Sofia Boutella & Street Dancers George Sampson, Akai & Flawless (AKA The Surge), musicians Angel, about filming in France, fusing these very different dance techniques & behind music, dance and romance there is an important message of acceptance.

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