Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Piggy- World Premiere Interviews

At the World Premiere of Piggy Premiere Scene's Claire and Anthony Bueno caught up with the cast and crew as they reveal the story and sentiment behind this North London thriller. Director Kieron Hawkes explains that in order to get a script commissioned he had to turn to a genre that was commercially viable. Actors Martin Compston, Neil Maskell, Louise Dylan, Roland Manookian and Ed Skrein tell us how even the tougher scenes were made easier because they were working with a director with such a clear vision.

PIGGY is out on general release 4th May 2012

Piggy Review
Word by Mike Jonas

A story set in modern day London which focuses on Joe (Doomsday's Martin Compston) a shy young man detached from everyday life and barely surviving in society whilst coming to terms with the recent loss of his murdered brother John (Bonded by blood's Neil Maskell). One day he's visited by Piggy (Sherlock Holmes Paul Anderson), a friend to his brother before his untimely death, Piggy gives Joe a new look on life, teaching him about the world he never knew in order to face fears and the killers responsible.

After screening the film I felt the topic chosen was an interesting one to make as it never hurts to bring awareness to an issue with does occur in the world today. In some cases I did think some of the more violent scenes throughout the film were unnecessarily over the top in places and a different approx could have been used to still retain a similar lesser effect.
As well as the unique British line up already mentioned, additional supporting roles are also portrayed by Louise Dylan (TV's Whitechapel), Roland Manookian (RocknRolla) and Josh Herrdman (Harry Potter).

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