Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Dictator review

Words by Mike Jonas

A film brought to us by Paramount Pictures introduces Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest outrageous, sharp-tongued character General Aladeen to shock audiences across the globe in this hilarious new comedy, The Dictator.

As you would expect Baron Cohen has applied the same energetic attitude as done for his other creations to deliver yet another outstanding performance. A performance which has lead to him becoming one of the more recognised talents within the film industry today for both live action and animation.

Directed by Larry Charles, best known for having previously worked with Baron Cohen twice before to bring Borat and Bruno to the big screen, the duo team up once again to create more awkward moments we’ve come to love and enjoy. The decision to portray Aladeen in an actual story plot opposed to mockumentaries as used for his other alter egos has provided the character with a far better presence on screen already and one which is likely to be more remembered in the future.

The film also co-stars Anna Faris (Scary Movie) and Sir Ben Kingsley (Hugo) whose amazing contributions have aided in making this film one not to be easily forgotten long after leaving the cinema.

I personally felt after viewing the film during the premiere held in London last week, that the humour and crude references featured were delivered very effectively and were nicely structured into the story to an acceptable level which everyone can enjoy without taking offence. You will find there are occasions throughout the film that you feel it's wrong (as I did) to laugh, but if it's a laugh your after you won't leave disappointed during its 83 minutes of nonstop entertainment.

With the type of hype the film has already received before its nationwide release this Wednesday (16th May) the wait is nearly over. Once seen you'll be waiting once again this time for the DVD release to occur.


  1. Wasn't as funny as Borat, or even Bruno for that matter, but it still made me laugh a lot more than I expected to mainly because of Baron Cohen's style of humor. He's always so mean with his roles, but is perfect at staying in character the whole way through. Good review.

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