Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Glastonbury the Movie In Flashback - Interview Robin Mahoney

Premiere Scene Claire Bueno and  Anthony Bueno were chillin' out in the best possible company as they interview Glastonbury the Movie In Flashback director Robin Mahoney. Join us as we journey with him and find out why the music festival is so mystical and unique. This beautifully crafted documentary is much much more than than a concert film. If you have ever wondered what the Glastonbury experience is like then this documentary will transport you there. With performances from Omar, Stereo MC's and The Verve; the biggest surprise was seeing  Wild Bill's Charlie Creed-Miles and Dexter Fletcher in their youth! Beautifully shot in CinemaScope, picture and music are woven in perfect harmony capturing the festival's every essence.

GLASTONBURY THE MOVE IN FLASHBACK is released in UK cinemas 29th June 210

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