Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ice Age 4 Gala Screening Interviews

Premiere Scene gives a big welcome to Rachel Mullins as she teams up with Anthony Bueno for the Gala Screening of Ice Age 4 Continental Drift. Rachael breaks the ice with co-directors Mike Thurmeier and Steve Martino as they share that after ten years and four films the importance of keeping these stories fresh. Celebrity guests Kevin Adams demonstrates the  "Sid Shuffle" and his pride that a performance by the Kevin Adams Performing Arts Academy inspired by the animated film will be screened at this event, presenter Jo Whiley and family just love the new adventures, Mario Falcone reveals which which of TOWIE cast compare to which Ice Age character and Debbie Bright admits that  adults are for more excited with animation than the kids.

ICE AGE 4 is released 13th July

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