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Storage 24 Press Junket - Interview with Noel Clarke & Johannes Roberts

Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno who’s not alien to interviewing had a blast whilst interviewing the multi talented writer, actor, director, producer Noel Clarke for his new film Storage 24. At the press junket Clarke spoke of his love of sci-fi his pride in producing a movie of this genre with such a low budget and the incredible amount of anatomical detail that went into the creature creation that could have altered the rating from 15 to 18!! Director Johannes Roberts used his love of horror and John Carpenter films to help influence him and he shares with us how he instinctively felt it was right to break the horror cardinal rule by doing the big reveal!

Storage 24 Review
Words by Mike Jonas

It’s hard to find a British film these days that doesn’t have Noel Clarke involved somehow. With an impressive set of credentials and known within the industry as an Actor, Writer, producer, director it’s understandable to see why. For his latest instalment, Noel has once again turned his hand towards the Sci-Fi genre to bring this British horror entitled “Storage 24”.

Featuring a small yet effective cast, the film focuses on a group of people trapped in a London based storage facility. The cause of the entrapment is the result of a plane accident nearby and destroying power to surrounding areas. If this wasn't enough to deal with already, the situation is worsened by the plane’s unclassified cargo escaping and is trapped inside with them.

The look of the creature wreacking havoc throughout the maze of dark tunnels has uniquely been created to bring something new for people to fear. For anyone who enjoyed the efforts delivered by District 9 a few years ago shouldn’t have a problem welcoming this into the genre.

I couldn't help feeling Noel's time spent working on the Doctor who series hadn’t been wasted, but actually strongly influenced his idea for the script. With that in mind this should generate a similar appeal and allow for it to be widely more accepted among various audiences once released across the UK from 29th June.  

STORAGE 24 is released 29th June 2012

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