Thursday, 12 July 2012

Magic Mike Review

Words Claire Bueno

I have to start off by saying that I'm completely biased: I LOVE Soderbergh films; Out Of Sight being my favourite film. So when I first heard there was going to be a film called Magic Mike about male strippers I was non to fussed to be honest but my ear soon pricked up once I heard that the director of Traffic, Che and of course everyone's favourite the Ocean's trilogy was going to helm this project, along with leading roles starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughy then you have my full attention. I was not disappointed. 

 Magic Mike (Tatum) has a dream of being a bespoke furniture designer. Struggling to make this his full time occupation Mike has a number of jobs allowing him to save towards properly investing in his dream; one being a roofer and the other being a male stripper. Roofing one day he teams up with a young guy Adam soon to be 'The Kid' played by the up and coming Alex Pettyfer. Mike takes Adam under his wing and introduces him the proprietor of Club Xquisite, Dallas (McConaughy); both see the potential in the unassuming young buck. Adam's sister Brooke (Cody Horn) however is less than impressed by her brothers' new chosen career and as we see the film unfold we will see for good reason; even under the watchful eye of this mentor Magic Mike he can not stop the sorcerer's apprentice heading for a hedonistic abyss. 

Though not a comedy the film is packed with laugh out load moments, the performances of all the actors turned males strippers for their roles are superb. This is not just a fluffy movie to appease and titillate a female audience though it does that too, there is a story of survival and it's interesting to see how all the characters unfold to reveal what it is that really motivates them. Tatum having been a stripper in real life who proposed the story to Soderbergh gives an honest performance and pulled off moves that made me glad for once to be in an air-conditioned room - few that hot flush! 

 As you would expect from Soderbergh the film is shot beautifully with fresh camera angles that he pulls off so well, his use of colour (as with all his films) immerses you into a story which in this case is fun, vibrant and has great energy. The natural delivery of dialogue and performances provides glamour without being too polished or insincere. Magic Mike Soderbergh's cinematic wizardry pulls another masterpiece out of the hat. With spell binding performances both on stage and off, this is a film that will enchant both male and female audiences. 

Magic Mike totally bewitching! 

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