Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day 3 Film4 FightFest

Tulpa - UK Premiere Interviews

Day 3 of Film4 FrightFest delivered the second of it's Italian films as festival favourite director Frederico Zampaglione delivered his new feature TULPA, literally hot of the press! Zampaglione was accompanied by lead actress and wife Claudia Gerni for the UK Premiere. Premiere Scene Claire Bueno and Anthony Bueno interview the charming couple about the role of a strong female executive who leads a very alternative life!


 Variety FrightFest Award - Greg Nicotero and Simon Pegg Interviews


 There's never a shortage of shocks and surprises at Film4 FrightFest and a big surprise was speaking to two masters of the horror genre; effects make-up artist Greg Nicotero and actor Simon Pegg. Pegg  had the honour of presenting the 'Variety FrightFest Award' to icon Nicotero and Premiere Scene Claire Bueno and Mike Jonas were excited to interview the pair as they share with us the thrill that horror provides  and how horror is a genre that encourages your imagination to run completely wild!


Paura 3D UK Premiere Interviews


Day 3 of Film4 Firightfest continues with a decidedly continental feel as our first Italian of the day as PAURA 3D wowed audiences at the UK Premiere. Premiere Scene Claire Bueno and Mike Jonas interview directors Antonio and Marco Manetti and lead actors Francesca Cuttica and Lorenzo Pedrotti about making a film that contained all the key elements that make a great horror; suspense, gore and an amazing twist at the end!




Outpost II UK Premiere interviews


Day 3 of Film4 FrightFest starts the day with the UK Premiere of Nazi, Zombie film OUTPOST II. Premiere Scene’s  Nicola Johnston and Anthony Bueno interview director Steve Barker who shares with us the casting process to find a strong leading lady and producer Kieran Parker revealed that having already having built the sets for OUTPOST II it made sense to shoot OUTPOST III which found him surprisingly debuting as a director.

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