Sunday, 5 August 2012

Delicacy (La Delicatesse) Review

There is no denying that in Europe they just make great films. The imagination runs freely, creativity is in abundance and they're not afraid to tell a simple story without the need for special effects and blowing up cars! And Delicacy fits beautifully into the simple story category.

Audrey Tatou never ceases to pick fabulous scripts, so you know journeying with her is always going to be a joy and her portrayal of Nathalie Kerr is no exception.

The film starts from future husband, Francois point of view then shifts seamlessly to become hers.

After a chance encounter in a cafe reminiscent to that magnificent scene in Meet Joe Black she meets Francois they fall in love, they marry, she's left widowed prematurely. The film guides us sensitively through her grief without being too harrowing. The passage of time passes at a nice pace when she she does something completely out of character and a new unassuming and uncharacteristic man enters her life. What it is for you to watch, discover and enjoy.

Tatou plays the part of the enigmatic widow unaware of her magnetism beautifully but I really did enjoy watching Francois Damiens character Marcus unfold and although at first not the most obvious choice he wins not only wins over Nathalie but the audience too.

Delicacy is an enchanting film that deals with so many human conditions with la delicatesse without the need to over dramatise and over complicate the story.

Delicacy reaches cinemas
6th August 2012

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