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Headhunters (Hodejegerne) Blu-ray / DVD Review

I have to start by saying that Headhunters is one of the best, if not the best films I've seen this year, I was gripped to my seat throughout this movie. European film is so exciting and what's more important; original.

Adapted from the Jo Nesbo book of the same title the film is beautifully crafted and cinematic.

Roger Brown played by the wonderful Askel Hennie is a corporate headhunter and art thief. Brown starts off an arrogant, adulterer and a thoroughly unlikeable man; but boy is he and all of us watching in for a shock! Roger's opulent life style spirals him into an abyss of debt, and neither his day job or the sale  his art thefts are making a dent. His luck is in or so he thinks as he attends his  wife's Diana (Synnøve Macody Lund) art gallery launch and becomes acquainted with Clas Greve (Nikolaj Coster Waldav of Game of Thrones). Is it too good to be true; that this man is not only a prime candidate for a role he is recruiting for but he is also the owner of a painting worth millions?  The film becomes a cat and mouse chase like you've never seen and that you won't be disappointed by.

This intelligent superbly crafted screenplay couldn't have been an easy film to make,  but couple this with a strong vision from a clearly talented director (Morten Tyldum) makes this film an even bigger success. The performances are flawless; a special nod really does go to Macody Lund who debuts as an actress playing the role of Brown's wife with such sensitivity and truth she could show Hollywood a thing or to . But the hat has to go off to Hennie for an outstanding performance, he plays the part of the anti hero so convincingly that if you do not like this man for what he's endured and for how he has grown emotionally then you haven't been watching the same film.

Everything you want from a film is here; humour, tension and to come away feeling thoroughly entertained.

The Blu-ray / DVD comes with a choice of original Norwegian with English subtitles or English language audio. The behind the scenes bonus feature has even been made with integrity with some great interviews and insightful  behind the scenes footage.

Premiere Scene Interviews

Premiere Scene had the delight in the past of interivewing the cast and crew of Headhunters

The hunter Aksel Hennie was hunted down by Claire & Anthony Bueno of Premiere Scene as our anti-hero, his on screen wife Synnøve Macody Lund and producer Marianne Gray attend the Jameson Cult Film Club at the Saatchi Gallery as the terrific HeadHunters reaches UK shores. Find out how Jo Nesbø was persuaded to have his novel adapted to a screenplay, how Synnøve found her leap from film critic to actor and just how much Aksel embraced a part that has arc that even Noah would die for!

Screening at the BFI London Film Festival Premiere Scene spoke to the filmmakers of Headhunters. Aksel Hennie plays Roger Brown in the Scandinavian film; Synnøve Macody Lund plays Diana Brown; and director Morten Tyldum told us about reading the book and optioning it.

Headhunters  (Hodejegerne) is released on Blu-ray / DVD 13th August

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