Thursday, 9 August 2012

Offender Interviews

On the eve of Offender's release Claire Bueno and Anthony Bueno enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of interviewing two very new and exciting British actors Joe Cole and Malachi Kirby.

 Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno & Anthony Bueno sat down with Offender stars Joe Cole (Tommy Nix) and Malachi Kirby (Harry) as they share with us what inspired them to become actors. Having both started their careers in theatre they tell us with refreshing honesty how excited they were to walk on a TV set for the first time.

Premiere Scene's Claire Bueno & Anthony Bueno had the utter delight of sitting down and interviewing Joe Cole, the lead in the new gritty, Brit indie, thriller; Offender. Cole who came to audiences attention in Skins makes his debut on the big screen with an overwhelmingly powerful performance as Tommy Nix who orchestrates his incarceration to a youth offenders institution to seek revenge.  Find out the psychological and physical demands of his latest role and we get an insight into his exciting new writing collaboration with film and TV star Matt Lucas.

Premiere Scene's Claire Bueno & Anthony Bueno had the total delight of interviewing the Evening Standard Theatre Award 'Outstanding Newcomer' nominee Malachi Kirby. Join us as Kirby talks about how his role of Harry in Offender went through many incarnations before the final result the audience see on screen and the exciting new projects this talented young actor has in store!

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