Saturday, 1 September 2012

Day 5 Film4 FrightFest

Tower Block European Premiere

There was a lot of excitement in the air for the finale of  Film 4 FrightFest  as Brit indie Tower Block has it's European premiere at the Empire Leicester Square. An enusiastic cast and crew turned up in support of their film and Premiere Scene's Claire Bueno and Mike Jonas were eager to interview! Join us as we talk to screenwriter James Moran, directors James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson, actors Sheridan Smith, Ralph Brown, Julie Graham and Nabil Elouahabi who all just loved a script which at it's core was a story of survival.

Chained UK Premiere Interviews

It was such a treat to interview director Jennifer Chambers Lynch who who attends day 5 of Fim4 FrightFest for the UK Premiere of her latest film CHAINED. Premieres Scene's Claire Bueno and Mike Jonas had the joy of speaking with Lean whose warmth made it an effortless interview as we find out what it was about human behaviour that she wanted to explore in the film and how mindful she was about being supportive to the actors who were pushing their emotional boundaries.

American Mary Premiere Premiere Interviews

At day 5 of Film 4 FrightFest the eagerly anticipated American Mary receives it's UK premiere and Premiere Scene's Nicola Johnston and Anthony Bueno were there to interview cast and crew on the inspirations behind the film. Writer / directors Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska and actors Katherine Isabelle and Antonio Cupo share with us how horror channels our fascination of things we don't understand, an insight into body modification and the sisters provide some useful advice for future filmmakers.

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