Friday, 2 November 2012

Rust and Bone Review

Words Mike Jonas

From the creative mind behind 2009’s French crime drama “A Prophet” BAFTA Screenwriter and Director Jacques Audiard works his talents once again for what is hopefully going to be another international pleaser entitled “Rust and Bone” (Original title “De rouille et d'os”). Starring Marion Cotillard (Inception & Dark Knight Rises) and Matthias Schoenaerts (Bullhead & De Bende van Oss) the film follows the unusual friendship developed between Stephanie (Cotillard), a whale trainer coming to terms with her recent injury and struggling single father Alain (Schoenaerts).

Whilst the characters portrayed by Cotillard and Schoenaerts reflect issues experienced within society  to a very real and convincing level, the amount of depth shown is unspeakably brilliant. The emotions brought to life using Audiard's captivating perspective based on the writings of Canadian author Craig Davidson has created some remarkable moments between the two actors.

Given the biggest challenge to be featured in the story is Stephanie's dramatic accident, making the after effects of this appear genuine on screen has been wonderfully achieved using clever camera work. The one frame continuous shots leaves the mind boggling of how on earth was that possible, Marion's pain finishes of the illusion perfectly completing the whole package.

Having never really experienced Matthias's work prior to the viewing of "Rust & Bone", the role of Alain seems like the part was written with only him in mind. I imagine the role was probably quite amusing at times filling the shoes of a self indulging , trouble seeking,  sex driven deviant torturing himself with illegal fights. Alain selfless natural and actions only seem to cause pain to those around him whereas its effect on Stephanie gives her the reason to start living again.

If it's an international film you’re seeking to really feel that passion for life "Rust and Bone" promises to deliver just that and hopefully will be widely recognised and well rewarded with many more awards in the future.

Award Winning Rust and Bone

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