Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wisdom Of Changes Interviews

Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno and William McLaughlan were enlightened as Wisdom of Changes received a UK Premiere. This inspirational documentary charts the story of pioneer and humanitarian Richard Willem who in transcribing of the I Ching (The Book Of Changes) introduced it’s teachings to the Western world.  Join us as we interview director Bettina Willem as she reveals what started out as her grandfather’s story became a journey of connecting with her own past. We also grabbed a fortuitous opportunity to speak to editor Asher Tlalim about how he edited the documentary to reaffirm Doest philosophy; narrator Jonathan Pryce shares his captivation with the material; Ronit Yoeli Tlalim tells us how she ignited the project; Screenwriter Phil Parker enlightens us on the fruition of the film title and Jane Corbett expresses the tricky process of translating the sentiment and the tone of the documentary from German to English.

WISDOM OF CHANGES is released on DVD 12th November  2012

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