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Life Of Pi - UK Premiere - Ang Lee, Suraj Sharma & Rafe Spall Interviews

At the UK Premiere of Life Of Pi Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno and Anthony Bueno were looking forward to interviewing multi-award winning director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Hulk) and actors Suraj Sharma and Rafe Spall (Prometheus, Anonymous). Join us as we find out the beauty of working with Ang Lee; the huge learning curve Sharma received on his first feature film and how for Lee, Sharma was the only man to play Pi.

Life Of Pie Review

Words Nicola Johnston

Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, was rejected by many publishing houses before it was published in 2001, it sold 1.3m copies in Britain, which made it one of the best selling Man Booker winner to date.

The Life of Pi is Ang Lee’s 12th film, others have tried to bring the book to the screen and have all failed. I have not read the book but was looking forward to seeing the film, it felt like some amazing mystery was about to unfold in front of my eyes. The cinema was completely full, with very excited people and once the film began you could have heard a pin drop.

I am not a huge fan of 3D, it all feels far to clumsy, not sophisticated enough, although I would admit that films such as James Cameron’s Avatar and also Pete Travis’s Dredd both were beautifully enhanced by 3D, and so is Life Of Pi, some of the scenes are so stunning you feel like you are melting into the screen and disappearing into the story itself. There is a wonderful scene in a Parisian pool which is a delight for the senses and many more to behold as the story progresses.
The creation of the Bengal tiger, amusingly named Richard Parker, is just incredible, it was modelled on four real beasts, and it has texture you won’t believe, by the end of the film you really do see it as a real animal not CGI. The film was shot in Taiwan, Montreal, India, various studios all around the world.


It is a bold. Wondrous, magical, film a feast for the eyes, an epic struggle between man and beast, the themes are many including, love, family, loss of innocence, spirituality, religion, self discovery, bravery, survival and the endurance against all odds elevates both human and beast into hero’s. Perhaps most of all, the films message is to be thankful for life, for what you have and what you can give to others, life is a miracle. We cannot control the weather, we cannot answer why we are here, what happens after we die. We can however be grateful and kind to others and try to be positive, turn bad situations into good situations. We must have a will and a want to live to survive.

Suraj Sharma (Pi) is a delight to watch, his performance is strong and sensitive and he carries the film with grace. However it is the tiger that steals the film, it is just magical. I hope that the Special Effects Team win an Oscar. Congratulations must of course go to Ang Lee who is without a doubt a true master of his craft; the cinematography (Claudio Miranda) is outstanding as is the Art Direction and the Original Music accompanies without overtaking, it is a character in itself.

Stories have always been a powerful way of using ones imagination and that will never change, you can get lost in them, inspired by them and you are never lonely if you have a good story to immerse yourself into. The true challenge that the audience is faced with comes at the end when Pi reveals that perhaps Richard Parker is actually an aspect of his own personality and that it is he himself that is responsible for some of the horrific events that took place, then we must ask ourselves, what kinds of actions are acceptable in a life or death situation? What would you do to survive? Then afterwards in order to live with oneself and cope with those horrific memories, perhaps to turn them into something else, is the only way in which one can truly survive.

LIFE OF PI will open in the UK and Ireland on December 20 in 3D & 2D

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