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Rolf Lassgård - Press Junket Interview - False Trail (Jägarna 2)

Rolf Lassgård speaks to Premiere Scene's Claire Bueno when he was in London attending a press junket to promote his  murder mystery film, False Trail (Jägarna 2). The delightful Lassgård shares with us what it is like revisiting a character after a sixteen year time lapse and how he enjoyed collaborating with the director Kjell Sundvall to develop a part that in its essence is in need of redemption.  

False Trail (Jägarna 2) Review

Words Nicola Johnston
I was so excited about seeing this film, as one of my favourite actors is Rolf Lassgard, who’s performance in the film,( After The Wedding), is earth shatteringly good, as is the film.
The first thing that struck me about False Trail 2, is how beautifully crafted it is and wonderfully shot, huge congratulations must go to the cinematographer Jallo Faber. It is a strong thriller which follows on from the first film (The Hunters) there are some flashbacks used and although I would always recommend seeing the first instalment it is not essential.

There are many strong, convincing performances, firstly from Lassgard, who is a tour de force and his acting is utterly spell binding to watch, detailed and utterly believable. Then we have the chilling performance from Peter Stormare which is impressive, his portrait of the psychopathic policeman is pure evil and completely terrifying. Annika Nordin’s performance is touching and painful to watch and her inner strength come through in her eyes.

However for me Kim Tjernstrom who plays Peter, Nordin’s son, is a huge let down, he does not convince at all and comes across altogether a bit wet, timid and bland on screen. Also the drama becomes far to melodramatic and farcical at times and I feel perhaps, False Trail 2, would be much better suited as a TV film and not up on the big screen.

The film is directed by Kjell Sundvall, written by Bjorn Carlstorm and Stefan Thunberg, running time 129 minutes.


 THE HUNTERS (Jagarna) is released on DVD for the first time in the UK 
Monday 10th December.

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