Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Django Unchained Review

Words by Mike Jonas

With expectations high for any Tarantino film now released, you can guarantee the concern for any audience member paying cinema prices is what bang are you likely to get for your buck? What is Quentin likely to do next to keep the bar raised and please his forever growing fan base across the globe? Recognised for his visionary talents to both shock and amaze viewers at the same time with his controversial topics, his latest masterpiece “Django unchained” features an all star cast of Jaime Foxx, Christopher Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson and Kerry Washington.

Jaime Foxx saddles up as the lead character Django (remember the D is silent as quoted in the film) on this occasion and as the title suggests it follows the journey of slave turned bounty hunter now unshackled, armed and ready to rescue his enslaved wife (Kerry Washington). Mentored by rescuer turned partner Dr Schultz (Christopher Waltz) both set out to defeat malicious plantation owner Monsieur Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) holding her captive.

Although the overall performances of all the cast involved have been wonderfully delivered to emphasize strong points making them all worthy of a commendation for excellences. If I had to truly award anyone though, my best praises would have to be reserved for DiCaprio, if you’ve ever wondered how a Mississippi plantation owner is likely to behave, look no further. The mind set of Candie can only be described as control freak boarderline psychotic driven by the usual money, greed and power aspects seen in many today. This dark side to DiCaprio is one I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed before in any of his previous roles and one that certainly won’t be forgotten for a long time. The character itself is one that could be easily despised for all the inhuman acts inflicted upon others but instead it’s a character I ended up enjoying far more than I expected too.

It could easily be said that the story set in America at a time where it was ok to trade people like objects and refer to them in a manner not acceptable in today’s society is no basis to make a movie. Some of the language used could case offence but lets be honest where any film has Quentin’s name attached some of these indiscretions can be overlooked for the purpose of good well directed story telling. Once again Bob and Harvey Weinstein have backed another winner and following recent reports of “Django” being accepted into various categories (Best picture, Actor in a supporting role, Cinematography, Sound editing and finally Writing original screenplay) in this years Oscar nominations that’s only another reason not to horse about.

Breaking out across all UK cinemas on the 18th January

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