Thursday, 17 January 2013

Flight - UK Premiere Interviews Robert Zemeckis, Denzel Washington & Kelly Reilly.

The anticipation was high as Robert Zemeckis and Denzel Washington flew in for UK Premiere of Flight. Trepidation turned to jubilation as these Hollywood giants were just a joy to share the filmmaking process with. Join us as producers Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey speak of the strong screenplay that came from a very personal place for screenwriter John Gatins. Actress Kelly Reilly reveals the beauty of her character. Actor Denzel Washington on fine form gave us a deeper insight into the complexity of his character Whip Whitaker and director Robert Zemeckis tells us how he worked his movie magic to give audiences a realistic insight to the plane crash that catapults the story into a whole new direction.

FLIGHT is distributed by Paramount Pictures and will be released in the UK & Ireland 
1st February 2013.

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