Thursday, 18 April 2013

Evil Dead 2013 Review

Words by Mike Jonas

Likely to have been one of the longest talked about and most anticipated remakes for as long as I can remember, Evil Dead finally makes its arrival to the screen this week and so far with an impressive following of pleasing results.

Having already won its American audience over with its fresh approach to what made the original back in 1981 a cult classic, it’s clear the decision to do this was the correct way forward. Although for some, the idea of Sam Raimi not directing this again was a crime against cinema, Fede Alvarez has shown he is more than worthy of such a task and has clearly stamped his name all over this. Raimi now taking on the role as Producer alongside E.D’s original lead Bruce Campbell (Groovy Baby) have ensured all the old school style of horror has been retained and welcomed new scares to make the story even more desired than before.

Given the fact that the lucky few casted for the all important cabin trapped roles are mostly fresh faces leaving me with the task of actually having to look them up at the end, I believe this was a wise move to avoid it being overshadowed with some big name attached. That in itself has proven its success will be purely based on the strength of the story and can be judged accordingly to create its own merits opposed to depending on the original.

As you might expect close attention has be paid to the design/concept of the dreaded “book of the dead”, not that the original wasn’t terrifying enough but like most things a newer updated look has been applied. I generally felt for the scenes where the book was only mentioned instead of actually been shown, this only made me crave the need to see it even more just to satisfy my curiosity of what else has been thrown in.

Like the book, the cabin also playing a major part has essentially become more of a character this time round breathing more life than before into each of the horrific events to occur. I’m not going to lie the level of gore is heavily portrayed from start to finish making it at times difficult for me to watch and needing a split second to look away just to remind myself it’s only a film. Saying that by the time it was over I had thoroughly enjoyed what the film had set out to do.

The way in which some of the key elements have been introduced were simply gob smacking and to an intelligent well thought out level. As with any horror, the group of soon to be victims can usually become too bland at times and fails to deliver any sort of outstanding performance, however I honestly believe this has been considered early on to avoid such things from occurring.

Another clever aspect in terms of the characters themselves is that if you took the first letter of each of their names (five in total) it actually does spell out a word which does identify them as being the perfect group. Not wanting to spoil this I shall leave it up to you, the viewer to have some fun.

Again not wanting to spoil anything I do suggest hanging around after the credits have finished rolling, there is something worth waiting about for which in my option is the icing on the cake. If for any reason it doesn’t leave you excited then please hang your head in shame as you leave.

Evil Dead unleashes it’s depths of hell in cinemas across the UK from Friday the 19th April 2013.

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