Thursday, 8 August 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review


Words by Jason Michaels

Following the overwhelming success of the 2010 "Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief" the time had come to send Percy on a another fun filled action packed mystical adventure entitled the "Sea of Monsters"

Based on the novel of the same name by author Rick Riordan, Sea of Monsters follows Percy (Logan Lerman) and friends Annabeth (Texas Chainsaw's Alexandra Daddario) and Grover (Beverly Hills Cop  Brandon T Jackson) once again as they embark on the journey to retrieve the powerful item known as the Golden Fleece. While the Fleece is needed to restore the protective boarder surrounding Percy's home it's also the target needed to rise remains of an ancient spirit. 
Whilst this is the first time I had ever been exposed to either of the Percy Jackson films and not really being familiar with any of the books, I feel it's easily going to please anyone that enjoyed the first and deliver more promising results. Filled with many wonderful elements created through the means of CGI and good old fashioned special effects it brings to life some amazing moments and mythical creatures that are always fun to watch.

Not wanting to single out a particular scene from what was an overall pleasant experience, listen out when someone mentions whether those are sharks and see what follows, it's a spectacular piece that will make you wish they were.

Appreciating that the target audience this is intended for is children, it won't leave adults feeling too bored, in fact there was just as many grownups (including myself) as there were kids cheering at the end. Obviously even though this had been rated PG and the moments that involve a creature have been kept as child friendly as possible there are still times when it may visually frighten the young viewers and feel caution is needed.  
Now that the Harry Potter series has sadly come to an end, where it left a hole in the hearts of millions hopefully it's a ache which can slowly be fixed with help from the Percy.

Other supporting cast includes appearances from Buffy's Anthony Head, Hunger Games Stanley Tucci and finally Firefly/Castle's Nathan Fillion

Sailing its way into Cinemas across the UK now     

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