Saturday, 18 March 2017

Another Mother's Son - World Premiere in London's Leicester Square

Another Mother's Son is a shining example of the lengths and risks that human beings will go to in acts of kindness and humility. With believable and trustworthy performances and well crafted filmmaking, the ending is utterly unexpected and overwhelming. 

This only made me more keen to attend the red carpet, which on this rare occasion was blue, to interview the film talent, to find out their feelings about being a part of this extraordinary story.

"An ordinary woman doing something extraordinary in a community, and trusting that her community would share in her act, and somebody in that community let her down," says Jenny Seagrove on her character and true heroine, Louisa Gould.

"She was a little naive, but a good, good woman."

The true story of how in occupied Jersey during World War II, a shopkeeper selflessly harbours a Russian prisoner of war. As the film progresses, we see a wonderful mother and son relationship unfold on screen.

"It was lovely," says leading man, Julian Kostov, of building an off screen relationship with Seagrove.

"We got on from the audition."

Singer, and Boyzone front man Ronan Keating speaks of this story: "The best stories are the ones that are real."

Attending the World premiere was screenwriter, Jenny Lecoat.

"It was a story I'd known about since I was a little girl, and I'd grown up with it."

"I started realising what an important story it was as I got older."

"I started to think, if I don't write it nobody else will."

 Another Mother's Son. Leaves you speechless. It Will make your heart stop.

Another Mother's Son. In Cinemas 24th March. Distributed by Vertigo Releasing.

Words by Claire Bueno

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