Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Sense of an Ending Red Capret Gala

Acting maestros Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling and Dame Harriet Walter arrive at the Picturehouse Central, on Thursday 6th April to promote their new film, The Sense of an Ending.

Based on the Man Booker Prize winning novel by Julian Barnes, prepare to do a little introspection as the film is without doubt a thought provoking film.

The joy as always of watching the magic of Jim Broadbent at work is often observing, not what he says, it’s what he doesn’t. And in The Sense of an Ending be sure to look out for those wonderful moments, as they don’t disappoint.

“It sort of opens up your memories of the past, you start thinking back to your own experiences because I’m exactly the same age as Tony Webster, who I play, and the same sort of cultural background, of all boys school. I mean, I knew where he was coming from, I recognise him.” said the Oscar winning actor.

You can always guarantee actress, Charlotte Rampling will deliver a performance that resonates. And in The Sense of an Ending, there’s a real air of haunting sadness.

The Oscar nominee laughs: “That mystery that always attracts me. Yeah, those rather stern ladies, you know, that don't open up very easily… But when the do open up!”

On playing the younger Veronica, did Freya Mavor collaborate with Rampling at all?

“So, we discussed. We had a lot of conversations via email before we started filming, just to give our own impressions on the character and on the film. And then during filming, she’d done all, she’d completed all her scenes by the time I came in to start my own, which was very sad. I didn’t get to see her on set.”

Mavor continued: “We met up afterwards. She's a wonderful, wonderful woman, we have an amazing relationship."

An important tool for any actor, is their ability to listen. And in this story, Harriet Walter’s character, Margaret, Tony’s ex-wife, does a lot of listening.

“One of the great acting exercises is to see, if you can just listen. Even though you’ve heard it six times that day, and really genuinely see if you don’t hear it slightly differently every minute.”

For a story where memories, nostalgia and coming to terms with one’s past, lays at the very heart of it, director, Ritesh Batra succeeds in creating a film that is not overly sentimental. It feels realistic and very relatable. 

Complete interviews include actors Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Harriet Walter, Freya Mavor, director Ritesh Batra and producer Ed Rubin.

The Sense of an Ending. In Cinemas 14th April. Distributed by StudioCanal.
Words by Claire Bueno

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