Saturday, 13 May 2017

Midnight Sun Review

Opening scene: Close-up of a man’s torturous face as we zoom out to reveal the man strapped to helicopter blades rotating to his grisly demise. Brutal, but I’m hooked!

Midnight Sun DVD & Blu-ray release
I’m a sucker for a detective drama, I’ve watched a lot, and Midnight Sun does not disappoint.

Midnight Sun is a Scandi-noir crime-thriller from the critically acclaimed writers of The Bridge, Måns Mårlind and BjörnStein. So those credentials speak for themselves.

What I have always admired about Scandinavian filmmaking, be it film or TV, is the bravery in their writing. They are not afraid to shock, and they not inhibited by political correctness. They serve the story, and tell it, how it needs to be told.

Our thriller is set in Kiruna, a small mining village in Northern Sweden. And is infused with the indigenous Sami mysticism, as abstract members of the community meet their untimely death, in the most imaginative of ways.

The acting is flawless. You really have to congratulate Leila Bekhti and Gustaf Hammarsten, who really keep you on your toes with their performances. As detective team Kahina Zadi and Anders Harneskare neither are particularly sympathetic characters yet, you are compelled to watch them to discover if they are what they seem.

And as you can imagine with a show set in Northern Sweden, you are going to be swept away by the scenery alone but doesn’t hide away from the challenges presented by living in constant daylight.

Following its recent broadcast on Sky Atlantic, Midnight Sun is now available on Blu-ray / DVD and is worth the investment in time as much as financially.

Thank goodness for the binge watch, as I was gripped from beginning to end of Midnight Sun.

Cert. 15 | Running Time: 8x 1hr episodes | RRP: DVD £29.99 & Blu-ray £34.99

Words by Claire Bueno

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